Our Surroundings

Every year in summer in the Arena of Verona float the best voices of the opera world as that of Placido Domingo and the deceased Luciano Pavarotti, accompanied by internationally renowned orchestras in the most famous operas of the history as the Rigoletto, Turandot and La Carmen.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona is perched in the middle of the vertical rock wall (at 700 meters) of Monte Baldo. This sanctuary was originally the home of hermits (1139) connected with the monastery of San Zeno in Verona.

Monte Baldo, also known as “Hortus Europa” (Garden of Europe),
owes its fame not only to the wealth of its nature and the singularity and variety of its flora, but also of interest from an anthropic point of view. There are as well many remnants bearing witness to its past history. Forming a long ridge it separates the Adige Valley (Val Lagarina) from Lake Garda. This chain splits up to into a succession of peaks at an average height of 2000 to 2218 metres (Cima Valdritta), giving it a crested appearance.
In the course of time various climatic changes occurred, thus allowing different species of plants to establish themselves only here. This is the reason why, many botanists in the last century, discovered some unknown species ( approx. 20) called “Baldensis” as part of their name. From the large territory of Brenzone, you can enjoy a lot of walks and footpaths from the coast up the the highest peaks. From Costabella in Prada (1000 m) you can also get sky-lift facilities and reach the various mountain refuges.
Together with the natural wonders, the small villages and their ancient atmosphere, Brenzone can offer the visitors another rarity: Campo! This site is mentioned in documents dating back to the 11th century. It ‘s an almost abandoned place, 200 meters above the lake, at the foot of Monte Baldo.

Every Tuesday from April to October.
Meeting point: 9.30 in Magugnano di Brenzone at the supermarket „Conad“.
Difficulty: medium.
Duration: 4-6 hours.
Suitable sportswear ( heavy mountains shoes, raincoat), sufficient provision of food and beverages.

Weekly trips to Torri del Benaco, San Zeno di Montagna and Garda.

The Ethnographic Museum is located in the house where the Blessed Mother Maria Domenica Mantovani was born. Situated in the historical centre of Castelletto, the building represents an interesting testimonial of the architectural style common to the shores of upper Lake Garda.

The Tanella cave is located in the woods in front of the village of Pai di Sopra. This famous grot is accessible by an artificial tunnel. Some side compartments, in addition to the main cave, are accessible through artificial passages. The Tanella cave is rich in stalactites and stalagmites and is the source of a year-round source of water.

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